DIY Confetti Balloon Tips

DIY Confetti Balloon Tips

It’s no secret that we love balloons, foiled, confetti, orbz, script we love them all!

We know confetti balloons can be a little tricky to get perfect the first-time round! Which is why we’ve put together a little ‘how to’ to give you all the information you need to blow up your confetti balloons.

Just to note, if your filling up our confetti balloons we advise you use a mixture of air & helium, try filling the balloons with a few puffs of air & then the rest helium. Don’t worry if before they’re blown up these balloons look a little dull or misty coloured, once blown up they’ll become clear!

Step 1 : How To Inflate The Balloon 

Blow a few puffs of air into the balloons using a balloon pump. Then attach the balloon to the helium tank (as shown below) and inflate the rest of the balloon with helium. If once your balloon is inflated it doesn’t float or go transparent, this means there isn’t enough helium added & you’ll need to add a little more.

Step 2 : Seal Your Balloon

Tie a knot in the end of the balloon to seal the air in.

Step 3 : How to Disperse The Confetti

Confetti Dispersing- So, if at this point you’ve followed the instructions perfectly, but still the confetti hasn’t stuck to the sides of the balloon and is creating a sad pool of confetti at the bottom of the balloon?- don’t panic, we’ve all been there. But there’s an easy fix. (this can happen due to the conditions of the room, humidity, heat etc)

You’ll need to create static energy by rubbing the balloon on any item of clothing, preferably a scarf or wool jumper. Then, roll the balloon around for ultimate confetti dispersing. Voilà

Please note, our confetti balloons will not float for the same duration as standard balloons due to the mixture of helium & additional confetti weight inside the balloons. Depending on the event, for the best result, avoid blowing these up too far in advance i.e. the night before. Unfortunately, they won’t last!


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