How to throw a Gender Reveal Party!

How to throw a Gender Reveal Party!

A Gender Reveal Party has become quite the Trend, if you haven’t heard of this before then let us explain. A gender reveal party can be held at the same time as a baby shower alongside your close family & friends.

The general idea is that you choose someone to have responsibility of knowing the gender of your baby without telling anyone. They will then organize the surprise gender reveal party for you with the aim to announce the exciting gender news in front of all your friends & family.

Now this is the fun bit, how to reveal the gender. From balloon popping kits filled with blue or pink confetti, Cakes and cupcakes filled with a coloured centre or a big confetti cannon reveal. The way you choose to announce the news is completely up to you. In case this is new for you and you don’t know the first thing about hosting a gender reveal party, then we’ve put together a little list of all the things to consider to ensure the party is a success!

Pick a Theme & Colours

Now where all party planning starts, the theme. The general rule at a gender reveal party is that any decorations or extra’s purchased for the event should be in the 2 reveal colours, one in pink & one in blue.

From balloons, to cupcake toppers – there is something for everyone’s taste. It’s no surprise that the traditional gender colours are Pink or Blue.

But if pink & blue aren’t your thing, then don’t feel you have to stick to these colours to have a gender reveal party. All you need is to pick two neutral colours that you’ll be able to distinguish between genders, a few of our favorites to use are sky blue & yellow or mint green & rose gold.

The Big Reveal

Now, let the fun begin! There are so many options to choose from but here are a few of our favorite’s.


Pop a Balloon

The balloon of all balloons, this is the most popular way to reveal the gender and rightly so. Simply have a friend blow up the balloon with the correct coloured confetti inside, then pop the balloon in front of everyone to reveal the gender as the confetti falls. 

Bake a Gender Reveal Cake

This is a great way to take the reveal up a notch and mean everyone can be involved. All you have to do is simply bake a vanilla cake or cupcakes if you’d prefer and add pink or blue coloring to the inside of the cake. This way, all your guests can take a bite into a cake at the same time to reveal the gender! – it’s that simple.

We hope this has helped to inspire you to have a gender reveal party – they’re great fun & a lovely way to make finding the gender of your baby even MORE exciting!


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