Unicorn Pinata Tips!

Unicorn Pinata Tips!

There isn’t anything more magical at a party than a piñata, well anything that releases sweets in our eyes. If you’re throwing a unicorn party soon and feel like something is missing then this is the party feature you need. 

The one of the kind white & pastel piñata will be loved by both children and adults – no doubt it will be the magical highlight of the party!

Here’s our tips & tricks to help fill your piñata with tasty treats for endless amounts of fun (unfortunately the sweets aren’t included).

 How to Set Up Our Unicorn Pinata

To put together your piñata you will need, scissors, yummy treats to fill it and optional unicorn & stars confetti in also to add a little fun touch!

Step 1 : Make A Hole In The Pinata

First, grab the scissors, open them slightly and make a piercing into the labelled circle on the unicorn’s back – make sure it’s big enough to fill with sweets.

Step 2 : Fill the Pinata With Goodies

Now fill with all your favourite sweets or confetti if you wish. Once filled with all your delicious sweeties, seal down with a sticker until secure.

Step 3 : Hang Up Your Pinata & Enjoy!

Now your unicorn piñata is filled to the max with delicious goodies. Thread the ribbon through the plastic loop on the unicorn’s neck to create a loop big enough to hang the pinata from.

Once secure, your unicorn Pinata is now ready!

Make sure to hang the piñata in an open space with enough room for people to hit the piñata and release the treats.  


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